Millions of obsolete spare parts are in storage in ports today.

3D printing can make physical part inventories obsolete and provide tremendous savings of both time and money.

Replace your physical inventory with a digital one.

Enhanced spare-part sourcing using AM can reduce costs by more than 30% compared to traditional sourcing, with the largest savings in part lead-time and transportation.

The Maritime industry spends over 13 billion USD per year on spare parts and 50% of vessels older than 15 years of age suffer from limited part availability.

Quality concerns are the biggest issue for AM in Maritime. Phasio provides quality reporting using in-process print data, helping to convince customers that parts are well made and reliable.

We help additive companies scale production from one printer to hundreds.


Quality Parts

Real-time monitoring of the print enables Phasio software to provide assurance of part quality and reproducibility.

Trusted Data Source

Production Scale

Phasio works with printers of different brands, models and technology, enabling firms to scale at half the cost and twice the speed.


Trusted Support

Our team has deep expertise in AM and material science, and no vested interest in printer hardware. We help Maritime firms solve tough problems with AM.

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