Our mission is to make manufacturing nimble and efficient at scale

We are a team of engineers and scientists who want to see the velocity of Software meet the substance of Hardware. By empowering small-to-medium sized manufacturers to prosper and grow, we will create the bedrock of a truly global, nimble manufacturing economy.

Helping the manufacturers of today create the products of tomorrow.

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Phasio is a global high-tech startup founded in 2021. The company develops software for the productionization of digital manufacturing at scale.

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Digital manufacturing is an emerging industry with the potential to uproot manufacturing as we know it. The technology represents a seismic shift for the environmental sustainability, cost and efficiency of manufacturing globally, while also representing a disruptive force in global logistics.

Phasio prides itself on being a great place to work and a great product to work with. We are funded by Entrepreneur First, a global venture capital fund.

Our team

Harry Conor Lucas
Sudharshan Raman
Ludwig Hendl
Senior Customer Engineer
Abhilash Koliwad
Senior Software Engineer

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