Manufacturing GPT

The future of customer communication for manufacturers is here

ManufacturingGPT makes it easy for your customer to ask specific questions about the technologies and materials you offer, how they work and their constraints and get tailored and intelligent responses, fast.

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How many times have you explained your manufacturing technologies from scratch to a new customer?

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Manufacturing is complex and customers often don’t understand how to get started. You’ve written Wiki pages, hired video production teams, done everything you can to provide educational opportunities for your customers. This information overwhelms your customer and, often, people just don’t review it.

ManufacturingGPT changes the game. Your customer can ask specific questions about the technologies you offer, how they work and their constraints. The system will respond with the exact information your customer needs to know, tailored to the manufacturing techniques you offer.

Come and try it out

ManufacturingGPT is a Beta-stage product which we are improving every day. If you’d like to be a part of our early adopters, book a demo with our team below.