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Transforming Manufacturing with Heart - Eduard Siemens' Journey

📆 12 December 6.00pm CET (Berlin)

Join us in an intimate webinar with Eduard Siemens, the driving force behind ewoqe (pronounced "evoke", like a smile), a local manufacturing venture in Germany.

Eduard's story is one of transformation, from his beginnings in large-scale production to leading a pioneering, ethically-driven local manufacturing business. His journey is a true testament to the power of combining human-centric values with technological innovation. In this session, Eduard will share:

* His personal evolution towards ethical manufacturing and fostering genuine human connections.
* Overcoming industry norms to prioritize people over profit.
* The role of innovative technologies in enhancing both efficiency and employee well-being.
* Strategies that increased customer engagement and business growth, reflecting his human-first philosophy.

This webinar is not just a learning experience, but a chance to be inspired by a story of resilience and heart in the manufacturing world.

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