Phasio Flexible Solutions


We operate on a modular pricing model. The Base Platform is the core of Phasio and the other modules can be activated after onboarding.

Base Platform
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Advanced Manufacturability
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Workflows & Planning
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Automated quoting for 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting, CNC and Injection Molding
Provide a private dashboard to encourage re-orders and simplify PO management
Provide instant quotes on your website
Seamlessly communicate design and change requests to customers
Automatically update customers as their orders progress through production
White-labelled to fit your brand
Automatically generate shipping and customs declarations
Automated online payments via Stripe, Paypal or RazorPay
Integrations with Xero, Zoho, Quickbooks, and other accounting and ERP systems
Number of users
3 users
+3 users
Automatic detection of manufacturability issues
Automatic creation of part workflow and traveller
Get a complete overview of your facility, track parts as they progress through production
Master traceability and get the data needed implement Lean Manufacturing
Streamline your manufacturing certifications into a software workflow
Easily communicate requirements and changes between the Sales and Production teams

We make it easy and efficient for you to manufacture the products of tomorrow

Flexible pricing

We maintain flexible pricing algorithms to fit any kind of manufacturer. From gears to rocket engines, we can get the price right.

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Secure payment

We partner with Payment providers such as PayPal, Stripe and Razorpay to provide secure payments globally.

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Easy onboarding

Getting started with Phasio takes less than 10 minutes. Book a demo with us, and start accepting online orders within a day.

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