🛠️ Phasio Product updates May: Wall Thickness 🔍, Selective Laser Melting ⚡, and more 💥

Product Update
May 21, 2024
🛠️ Phasio Product updates May: Wall Thickness 🔍, Selective Laser Melting ⚡, and more 💥

1. Wall Thickness Detection: Wall thickness plays a crucial role in getting parts 3D printed or additively manufactured. Wall thickness determines not only the structural integrity of the part being manufactured but insufficient wall thickness can cause thermal stresses triggering warping of the part while printing. Warping does not only affect the quality of the part being produced but can also cause serious damage to the machine.  

With our new wall thickness module (currently in beta - Please reach out to us at raman@phas.io if you want to be part of the beta testing group), you can eliminate the need for enhanced inspection of the parts that have been ordered. When you open a quote or an order in Phasio, you can see all wall thickness warnings highlighted in yellow and wall thickness violations highlighted in red. 

You can enable Wall Thickness analysis in Storefront Settings and then set the wall thickness limits in the Settings > Manufacturing > Materials > Edit > Wall Thickness

2. Updated Templates: Sharing information with customers is key to building a successful manufacturing business. We have now improved our Order Estimate (Quote), Order Confirmation and Order Invoice (Invoice) templates to include more information relating to the parts the customers have ordered. We now include the technology and material used to manufacture the part as well as the time taken and the hourly rate for any expenses. 

We have also modified consignment labels to include the manufacturer's logo and the Travellers sheet to include additional information, such as the technology and material used to manufacture the part. 

To update your template, please go to Settings > Templates. Delete your old template (Red button on the top-right corner) and create a new one by clicking Create New. Once you click Create New, select the template and language you want to use and then click Submit. 

Please remember that you can only have one template version for a given language, so you must delete the old one to update the templates. If you have any questions, please contact us at raman@phas.io for more assistance and information. 

3. Added Selective Laser Melting (SLM): Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology is now available on our platform. Service bureaus often use SLM or Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) to produce high-quality, high-value end-use parts for Medical, Dental, and Aerospace applications. They are the bread and butter for many of these industries, and they are now available in Phasio. 

You can add SLM to your account by going to Setting > Manufacturing and clicking Add at the top right corner. You can then set up the pricing of SLM either using our automated pricing wizard, manually or even create your own custom equation. Once set up, it will become available for both you and your customers. 

4. Create Order: Manufacturers often receive orders via email, phone calls, or marketplaces like Hubs, Xometry, Protolabs, and Zetwerk. Consequently, Manufacturers often find themselves using multiple platforms to track orders. Now, you can create the order in Phasio using our Create Order functionality. 

You can access it under Production > Order Kanban or Production > Order List. Click on Create Order and you will go through the same process as Send Quote, but upon completion, you will have an order created (skipping the quote stage). If this is a marketplace order, you can simply select yourself as the customer to track everything in one location. 

5. Organization-Based Tax Exemption: Often, customers may have a special tax exemption for services they order from you. With this new update, you can tag different customers as tax-exempt, so they are not charged VAT/GST for their orders. 

You can now set an organization as tax-exempt under Sales > Customer. Simply check the “tax-exempt” box and, once selected, the customer will not be taxed on their orders.

Manufacturers who have connected their accounting system to Phasio, like Xero and Zoho, cannot currently set a customer as tax-exempt. We will change this in future updates. 

Bugfixes and improvements:

1. We’ve improved the 3D part render for STEP files

2. It’s now possible to add tracking information for completed orders

3. The payment & checkout experience has been improved for customers  

Bug Fixes
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